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Racer Rumble
Available in Patches 4.6 and 4.7
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Race For Glory

The green flag has dropped in the Battleground of the Gods! Hop into your godly kart and hit the track for a crazy eight-person race! If you’re the winner, you could earn some awesome rewards… just watch out for kappa shells!

Two New Maps

Drift it seaside and catch some rays on Elysium Beach, or race between lava flows on Molten Pass. You’ll have to be a true ace driver to win on both courses!

How to Play

Ready, Set, Race!

Don’t worry about the gas pedal – just mind the steering wheel. Hit the apex of every corner, avoid hazards, and be the first one to the checkered flag!

Make The Pass With Relics!

Blink into first place, or Curse your enemies to blind them! You’ll pick up powerful Relics on the racetrack, which provide very different abilities than you’d normally see in the Battleground of the Gods.

Earn Victory Trophies

Unlock the Racer Adventure Bundle to gain access to additional rewards! As you compete in Apollo’s Racer Rumble, you will earn Racer Pedestal upgrades and chest rolls… Including a new chest roll that guarantees players an Exclusive Skin!

Racer Adventure Bundle


Celebrate Apollo’s Racer Rumble and save with this great bundle! You’ll get Winner’s Circle Apollo and his sweet new ride. You’ll get a race-themed Loading Pedestal that evolves to become even more awesome as you play the Adventure. And you’ll get a Gold Key – your ticket to unlock Intergalactic Chang’e.

Even better: You’ll save 10% if you buy the Adventure Bundle while Apollo’s Racer Rumble is playable!

Winner’s Circle Apollo (Limited)
Music Theme
Racer Pedestal
Racer Ward
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