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Corrupted Arena
Available in Patches 4.15, 4.16, and 4.17

Survive the Corrupted Arena

The Mayan Pantheon has corrupted the Arena… And it’s more dangerous than ever.

Can you escape the wrath of Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan and the collapsing Arena floor? Find out in SMITE’s newest Adventure: Corrupted Arena.

How to Play

Beware the Feathered Serpent

Kukulkan, Mayan Serpent of the Nine Winds sits high above the battlefield, tendrils of his corruption seeping down into the Arena below. He struggles to break free from the magical shell that holds him in place, aching for the chance to unleash an almighty Spirit of the Nine Winds.

Avoid Kukulkan’s Rage

As he writhes against the chains which bind him, Kukulkan’s might shakes the Arena to its very core. Avoid falling into the abyss as great chasms open in the Arena floor, and care for massive rocks raining from the skies.

Unlock Adventure Chests

As you play the Corrupted Arena, you’ll earn Arena Points. Spend those points to unlock Adventure Chests, containing mystical loot. Claim all the rewards in all three Adventure Chests to get an Awesome Chest, containing a guaranteed Exclusive God Skin.

Corrupted Arena Adventure Bundle

1000 900
10% Off!

Survive the Corrupted Arena and save with this great bundle! You’ll unleash Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan from his cage atop the Corrupted Arena, unlocking his Limited Skin. You’ll get even more great Adventure-themed goodies, including a Ward Skin, Avatar, and Music Theme. And you’ll get a Gold Key – your ticket to unlock Dragonkin Skadi.

Even better: You’ll save 10% if you buy the Adventure Bundle while Corrupted Arena is playable!

Limited Skin - Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan
Corrupted Ward Skin
Corrupted Avatar
Corrupted Music Theme
1 Gold Key, to unlock a Limited Skin like Dragonkin Skadi
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