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RPG Dungeon Crawl
of King Hercules
Available in Patches 4.10 and 4.11
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Complete The Trials of Hercules

King Hercules has summoned you to cleanse the lands of evil! Join forces with two of your fellow Gods and journey to the town of Hercopolis for an RPG-style dungeon crawl. Complete quests, defeat bosses, and gain power to defeat the ultimate foe: The Hydra.

Welcome to Hercopolis!

Even the greatest heroes need help. Visit the four boroughs of Hercopolis to earn favor from the townsfolk… and their assistance in your future battles. Complete all the quests in each part of town to progress and unlock rewards like Chest Rolls! You can unlock even greater rewards, more assistance from the townsfolk, and up to 100 Gems with your Dungeon Adventure Bundle!

How to Play

Choose Your God

Pick from 70+ Gods as you take on the Trials of King Hercules. Don’t worry if you don’t like your first choice; your progress will be saved, and any items you unlock will be available for you to equip on any God you choose.

Defeat Bosses

Triumph over the foes of Hercopolis and reap the spoils of victory – new item drops that will make you stronger. Progress through quests and defeat the Nemean Lion to unlock Hard Mode. It’s there you’ll face your greatest enemy: The Hydra.

Win As A Team

Your death makes victory harder, but not impossible. An encounter is lost only if your entire trio of adventurers is wiped out. If you’re the last one standing, your whole team is rewarded!

Dungeon Adventure Bundle

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Journey through Hercopolis in style with this great bundle! Unlock services across Hercopolis to aid in your quest, and up to 100 Gems in rewards. Become the King with Vanguard Hercules and an Adventure-themed Jump Stamp, Loading Frame, and Music Theme. And you’ll get a Gold Key – your ticket to unlock Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon.

Even better: You’ll save 10% if you buy the Adventure Bundle while Trials of King Hercules is playable!

Limited Skin - Vanguard Hercules
Dungeon Stamp
Dungeon Frame
Dungeon Theme
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Enter Hercopolis

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