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4.13 Console | What To Know


Mid-Season is upon us and, with 4.13, we have already begun introducing a lot of the changes and upgrades coming to SMITE!



A lot of stuff we did on 4.13 for PC was based on what we already had on Console. So while it seemed like PC got a lot of cool visual upgrades and we didn’t mention these on the Console Patch Notes, is because Console can already support (and does already support) these features – cool!

To simplify it even further: On ALL Consoles (including base Xbox One and PS4), you’ve received and used the high-resolution texture packs (since before the beginning of Season 4)!


What to know | PC 4.13 vs. Console 4.13:
  • DirectX 11: The PS4 and Xbox renderers are already equivalent to our DirectX 11 support and have been since launch on each Console.
  • Texture Pack: This has been on Console since before Season 4 started and is included in the base game (no separate download).
  • Resolution Scaling: This is handled automatically on Console rather than having a setting and has been since before Season 4.
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping: This is being introduced to Console in 4.13!
  • 64 Bit Client: The Consoles are already 64 bit and have been from launch.


Getting Technical…

Since Console and PC operate a little differently, we wanted to address some potential concerns regarding some updates; specifically the texture updates with 4.13.

Generally, people confuse 4k textures and 4k display resolution, which are very different things. The texture pack, for instance, adds higher resolution textures (generally 2048×2048 aka 2k textures). This is aimed at providing better pictures for higher resolution displays (mostly those above 1080p), but it does also include all other resolutions though it is harder to tell the difference.

The reason this distinction is meaningful is because the PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbox One X Consoles already run either 4k display resolution or 1080p with 200% scaling. The regular PS4 and Xbox One run 1080p with 100% scaling. However, both use the higher resolution textures since we know their hardware can handle it.