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Shadows Over Hercopolis
Available on 4.21, 4.22, 4.23, 4.24

Shadows Over Hercopolis Awaits You

The Trickster God, Loki, has kidnapped King Hercules! Journey into the lands of Norse Mythology, combat legendary monsters, and confront Loki in an epic final battle!

The fate of Hercules is in your hands.

Hercopolis is in Ruins!

Loki has ransacked the city of Hercopolis. The treasury has been emptied, the blacksmith’s wares have been snatched, and even the statue of King Hercules has vanished! In your quest to save Hercules, find and return the stolen items to gain the townspeople’s support. Recover all statue pieces to unlock the Legion Hercules Skin or 100 Gems!

How to Play

Choose Your God

Choose from 70+ Gods as you venture through the Norse realms to infiltrate Loki’s dungeon.

Battle Colossal Bosses

Defeat and loot the legendary monsters of the Norse realms. As you progress, your sweet loot will aid you in your quest to defeat Loki and save Hercules.

Win as a Team

Assemble your team of Gods! With the help of your friends, you’ll solve devious puzzles, survive deadly traps, and confront colossal monstrosities.

Shadows Over Hercopolis Bundle

1000 900
For a limited time, save 10% when you buy the Trickster bundle!

The Trickster Bundle is packed with Limited content and a Gold Key. Become the Trickster God with the Limited Agent of Darkness Loki skin, avatar, loading screen, and music theme. You’ll also receive a special Gold Key to unlock a Limited Skin from the Gold Vault, including Cursed King Cernunnos.

Unlock a BONUS Gold Key when you purchase all previous adventure bundles! Complete your collection of Gold Vault Skins!

Limited Skin - Agent of Darkness Loki
Trickster Avatar
Trickster Loading Screen Skin
Trickster Music Theme
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