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Code of Chivalry
June 14th, 2017

Code of Chivalry

The choice 

Some knights seek honor and others seek vengeance. Your destiny along your quest as Osiris will be defined by the choices you make.

Unlock rewards and complete quests to sway the balance of your Morality Progress Bar– Will you be the Noble Knight of Good or Black Knight of Evil? The choice is yours in the Code of Chivalry.

The Story

Begin your narrative on a morally neutral quest, but choose the following quests wisely, as they will impact your journey. By choosing Good quests, your Morality Progress Bar will lean to the side of Good, but choosing Bad quests will sway it to the side of evil! After completing 5 quests, your Progress Bar will determine your remaining 4 quests and which Osiris skin you unlock first— Noble Knight or Black Knight.

Similar to life, no two journeys are alike. The choices you make along the way impact the outcome of your story. Which will you choose?

The rewards

Tyr Draco Knight


Osiris Black Knight


Osiris Noble Knight


Anubis Jackal Knight


Odin Dread Knight


Loading Skin


Loading Frame


Music Theme


Fire Giant Ward


Plus earn 3 bonus chests!

*Upon purchase, you will gain access to quests and immediately unlock Tyr Draco Knight, the Chivalry Loading Frame, and the Fire Giant Ward. Upon completion of all quests or the end of the event (whichever comes first), you will unlock the remaining items: Osiris Black Knight, Osiris Noble Knight, Anubis Jackal Knight, Odin Dread Knight, Chivalry Loading Skin, and Chivalry Music Theme. Completion of quests is not required to unlock all Code of Chivalry items. Bonus chests can only be unlocked by completing quests.