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Go Ahead. Play God.

Third Person Action Moba

Third Person

Action Moba

Top-down? Sounds boring. Get into the heart of the action with SMITE’s third-person perspective.

Third Person Action Moba

New Content

Every 2 Weeks

Crazy-fast updates. You’ll get new content all the time, from new Gods to in-game events and more. (Not to mention the 80+ Gods and 500+ skins already in SMITE.)

Third Person Action Moba


In Esports Prizing

Become a Grandmaster. Play your way to the top. And maybe, one day, you could be playing in front of a sold-out crowd at the SMITE World Championship.

Third Person Action Moba

Fun for All

Skill Levels

Never played a MOBA before? Don’t worry. With our beginner-focused Arena mode and newbie-friendly features, you can get right into the action.

Get Five Free Gods


God of Thunder

Guan Yu

Saint of War


Father of the Frost Giants


Weaver of Fate


Sun God