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Player vs. Player : Psiyo & Gamehunter


In tournaments like the SPL match-ups will occur between newer players to a role and old veterans. While Psiyo isn’t new to the scene, he is new to the Solo Lane role. Compare that to someone like Gamehunter and you have an interesting dynamic between the new and the old.

Solo Lane is all about control, farming, and knowing when rotating across the map is going to be worthwhile. Your team is relying on you to be an incredibly potent force during the mid and late game and a lot goes into maximizing that potential. Before comparing Psiyo and Gamehunter, let’s look at their current stats from the Smite Pro League.

Psiyo :

KDA : 3.3
Avg. Player Damage :  18992
Objective Assists : 37
Avg. Damage Taken : 18917
GPM : 555

Gamehunter :

KDA : 1.9
Avg. Player Damage :  15276
Objective Assists : 10
Avg. Damage Taken : 18718
GPM : 458

Psiyo is a veteran mid player and a new Solo laner for Mortality eSports. As of this article they are undefeated in EU and have been showing outstanding play. Psiyo himself has been a powerful force in each game, having lane control as well as map pressure starting fairly early. As seen in the Objective Assists he is consistently with his team when objectives are being taken which is a big boon to his team. He has also shown versatility, being able to switch between characters like the Tanky Zhong Kui and the burst assassinMercury to help his team to victory. While we still need to see how he grows during the rest of the season, he is definitely going to be a solo laner to watch out for. 

When we asked Gamehunter about Psiyo he stated he enjoyed the challenge of playing against Psiyo as he is a skilled player. From his showing so far we have to agree.

Known for being a versatile and consistent threat Gamehunter earned the nickname “Godhunter” for his Pentakill at the Smite Launch Tournament. Unfortunately it seems that TSM as a whole has started on the wrong foot for SPL. Currently his team is 1-3 and have been trying to gain a footing in the SPL. Gamehunter is going to be key in helping TSM recover. During his first two games he lacked the relevance in games that he is known for, but in his more recent games he has buckled down, showing much stronger performances. His Loki play during their match against SK was phenominal and the kind of play his team is going to need to continue through SPL. 

Psiyo had a lot to say about Gamehunter. “Gamehunter is in my eyes the most versatile and consistent sololaner I played against so far.” said Psiyo. “Personally I learned a lot from playing against Gamehunter in the short amount of time that I have been in the sololane so far.” 

The next time you will see these two players face off will be September 25th at 14:30 EDT/20:30 CEST on Will we see a continued dominant performance from Psiyo or the return of “Godhunter” destroying the scene?

To see the schedule for all of the SPL matchups check out and watch all the matches live on