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Siege is Love, Siege is Life


What is Siege?

Written by Derrick Moody

Deep in the South American jungles, there is a war that is waging amongst the gods. Choose your side in this four versus four, tower-pushing game mode.

Siege was released in its early stages as a five versus five, very fast paced, tower-pushing gamemode during the Spring of 2014. Soon it underwent multiple changes, such as smaller teams, jungle camp changes, and visual improvements. It has been almost a year since its release and it has been commended for its design and gameplay aspects by IGN and the SMITE community itself. Here’s to hoping that Siege continues down its path of success!

You start the game as one of four players, either solo queueing or with a group, up to you and three other players. Your starting level is 3 and your starting gold is 2000. Every time you kill an enemy minion, jungle camp, or enemy god, you get points that when reached 100 points, you get a siege minion. Killing a minion is one point, killing an enemy god is five points, and killing a jungle camp is nine points. Another way to get a siege minion is to kill the Siege Juggernaut camp in the center of the map. When either the Siege Juggernaut camp is killed or your team has acquired 100 points, the Siege Minion will go either into the left or right lanes to help your team push towers. There is a portal facing the fountain that you can use to teleport to the furthest of the two possible Siege Minions you may have available. The Siege Minion is very powerful and tanky, and can push enemy towers very quickly, so it’s in your team’s best interest to attack when it is in lane. Remember that the enemy team can also get Siege Minions as well, and you must be ready to defend your towers and other friendly objectives against it.  Another thing to note is when a Siege Minion dies, it spawns two archer minions. Remembering this can help you when pushing a lane or to stop enemies from taking advantage of potential pushing when their Siege Minion dies.


When rotating to other lanes through the jungle, you must be careful. At the beginning of the match, before the minions spawn, there is a ample amount of time that your team or the enemy team can rotate over to you jungle and start a fight. If you are wary in this situation of being caught or wanting to catch enemy players, buying a ward beforehand is an excellent choice. Note that normal wards that cost 50 gold and the active Eye of Providence are disabled for purchase in Siege but sentry wards are able for purchase at 135 gold. You can buy one of these special wards at a time and it can detect other wards that the enemy may place down, so be wary of when and where you place your wards.

Good Gods for Siege


Janus’s portal abilities help him and his team mates quickly get around the map. This can help with split-pushing enemy towers or to kill the Siege Juggernaut in a timely manner. Not only that, but because the Siege jungle has many narrow paths, his large and powerful scaling abilities are perfect for killing enemy gods or defend against them.



With his stealth ability and increased movement speed, Loki is an asset when playing on this winding map. Because the jungle is so narrow and hard to maneuver in and is difficult to ward as well, Loki shines bright with his increased potential to gank enemy gods. He also has good split-push potential as well with him being able to use his decoy to tank tower shots while he can attack the tower.



As with Janus’s large abilities, it is the same with Chaac. Chaac’s ability to control a team fight at any place on the map is extraordinary. His ultimate can set up for Siege Juggernaut kills as well as defending against steals. Also, he can use his slowing abilities and ultimate are large enough to section off enemy gods.. His natural tankiness is also an asset when you need someone to tank tower shots while another allied god with a higher damage output attacks with you.


Hopefully this information will be useful to you the next time you play Siege. You can use this information as a base to improve upon. Do your own research on Siege and see what you come up with! In whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourselves and VVGF!

This article, among with a cacophony of others, appeared in this issue of The Official SMITE Magazine. Be sure to check it out!