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We’re excited to begin Beta testing for SMITE on Macintosh OS X! You can start playing right away as a Mac user if you have a steam account. Simply login and search for SMITE, then download for Mac.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install SMITE on my Mac?

  1. Head over to
  2. On the homepage, click “DOWNLOAD Play Free”
  3. Click “Mac Beta” where you’ll be directed to the STEAM website
  4. Click the green “Play Game” button

**Follow the Steam install prompt. If you do not have Steam installed on your Mac, install at this time and SMITE will automatically download**


Where do I submit feedback?

Submit your feedback HERE!


Are Mac and Steam/PC separate player bases?

No, they are the same player base. You will still need a Hi-Rez account to play, even from a Steam installation.


Do I need to make a new account?

Only new players will need to create a new account; players with existing accounts will still be able to use them through the Steam installation.


What features of Steam are available?

You will have access to the Steam Overlay, Achievements, and the ability to make purchases with your Steam Wallet.


Can I use Steam Wallet for Gems?

Yes. A Steam-installed copy of SMITE will use the Steam Wallet instead of the Hi-Rez website for Gem purchasing.


Mac Overlay Issue

If you go to the SMITE store and click on a buy button, you may not get the Steam store pop up.  This means your Mac is preventing the Steam overlay from displaying.  To fix this follow these steps:
  1. Close SMITE
  2. Close Steam
  3. Open System Preferences
  4. Go to Security & Privacy Tab
  5. Click Lock icon to unlock settings
  6. Click ‘+’ sign
  7. Find Steam application and add it to the list
  8. Close System Preferences
  9. Open Steam
  10. Open SMITE
  11. Go to the store and you should be good to purchase again!