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SMITE Tactics: Now in Closed Beta


SMITE Tactics is a turn-based strategy game where you are in control of leading the gods to victory. Build an army from a huge roster of mythological gods and creatures like Zeus, the Greek God of the Sky, and Odin, the Norse Allfather. Wage war in competitive multiplayer matches or single-player adventures. It’s up to you to command your gods, strategically position your forces to take advantage of the terrain, and unleash divine powers to defeat your foes.

SMITE Tactics Closed Beta

The Tactics team has been hard at work getting the game ready for Closed Beta after several months of Alpha testing. With the Closed Beta, SMITE Tactics will now include a new player experience featuring tutorials, new campaigns against AI to unlock the Egyptian and Norse Pantheons, a brand new Egyptian Map, and of course, more cards! We’ll also be adding 3 new Leaders – Freya, Poseidon, and Isis!

“We wanted to give players multiple Pantheon Leaders to choose from, so that strategizing and Deck-building is a tremendous amount of fun,” said Scott “Gandhi” Lussier, Lead Designer on Tactics. “Each Leader has their own unique Leader Ability which drastically changes how you would traditionally play the respective pantheons. I’m really excited for you all to get your hands on SMITE Tactics and start commanding the gods.”

With the start of Closed Beta, SMITE Tactics is adding the ability to purchase Card Packs and a brand new Founder’s Pack! Besides instant access to the Beta, the Founder’s Pack also includes an Exclusive Founder’s Icon and Card Back, Legendary Leaders Poseidon/Isis/Freya, Legendary Enyo in Tactics, the Enyo skin for Bellona in SMITE, 15 Card Packs, and more! The Founder’s Pack is available now for $20 USD.

Once you purchase the SMITE Tactics Founder’s Pack, your account is unlocked automatically and you can download the game at!

The Future of SMITE Tactics

The Tactics team has many plans for SMITE Tactics’ future and are currently working on adding the next Pantheon to the game – the Chinese Pantheon! With the addition of the Chinese Pantheon, we’ll also be adding a new Chinese Map and more cards. Keep an eye on the official SMITE Tactics Twitter account (@SMITETactics) for news on upcoming releases!

For a complete FAQ on the Closed Beta and to pick up the Founder’s Pack, visit