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Theme Media Contest! Results and Next Week


Hello Everyone!

Last week we had everyone submit pictures of themselves enjoying the Smite Pro League in hopes of winning 600 Gems! Well we have picked our winners!

First up we have Mohammed who is showing off his love for the game, SPL, AND watching streams. This setup is totally engrossed in Smite and that is awesome.


Next up we have Cheryl who is at PAX and enjoying SPL to the best of her ability, watching it on the phone. She only looks so upset because we weren’t at PAX ourselves. Sorry!

SPL At Pax

Going forward we have Moe who is showing off how he burns calories. A treadmill and the SPL. I wonder if he is taking notes from Team Dignitas? 

Fit with SPL

Mammoth probably has one of the coolest setups we have seen. Nice big couch, tables, posters, and a giant 108 Inch TV to enjoy the game on. This is quite the crazy set-up!

Giant Screen SPL

And last but not least we have MepH from Team Dignitas! Not only is he showing off his teams check in the background, but he is enjoying the games outside being served some Gin. Not a bad way to relax and watch some games!

Meph Watching SPL

Congratulations to everyone and enjoy your 600 Gems!

Next week we will have a new contest : Show Off In Public!

The goal is for people to either send in video, pictures, ect. of themselves showing off team support or Smite support in public. This can be anything from being out in public rocking some Smite clothing or doing something fun like walking around with a giant billboard. Be creative, but be sure to be safe. We don’t want to see anyone doing anything that could get them in trouble.

Since this weeks contest is much more challenging we have upped the reward. This week we will have placings! 5th to 2nd will receive the standard 600 Gems but whoever gets 1st will get a God Pack!

Send your submissions to [email protected] before the deadline of September 15th at 11PM EST!